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Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by TommyT, Oct 15, 2005.

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    Hi all,

    I have posted a thread in the cables section but no one seems to read that :(

    I have just ordered (within the past couple of days) a new LCD TV (VideoSeven LTV32H) with the following connections.

    Cinch (Composite Video in, Audio in/out)
    Scart 1 (SRGB in, Composite/Video in, TV Out)
    Scart 2 (SRGB in, Composite/Video in, TV/AV Out)
    VGA (RGB in)
    DVI-D (HDCP, Video in)
    Component YUV (Video in)
    Headphone/Subwoofer out, PC Audio in

    The full spec of the TV is here::: 32H en.pdf

    SO, what I wanted to ask you all is what cables I should have for connecting.

    I have the following which I NEED connected are:
    a DVD recorder (Sony),
    Telewest (Scientific Atlantic)
    Amplifier (Sherwood) Although I know this is probably going to be linked to the DVD Recorder.
    really I am wondering if I should use the DVI to connect the TV and the it possible? Or is it scart to the three red, white, yellow connection?

    May be silly, simple stuff to you experts but don't know much about the whole Audio/Entertainment side of things. Just know I like a decent picture while watching DVD's and Cable.

    SO because I am waiting for the LCD I was hoping to have all the cables ready for as soon as it arrives ( Yep ..just a big kid).

    So what are the best ways to connect the stuff I need to the LCD i.e. What shall I order just now to get the best picture/sound so they arrive at same time or before the LCD?

    Any help is apprectiated. :lease:


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