Cables required for full home cinema\ps2\tv\computer setup


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Feb 14, 2004
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Hi, I'll admit it I am a complete novice and don't know my head from my a ummm ya know when it comes to this...

I'm about to order a Yamaha RX-V540

Mordaunt Premiere System 5.1 Package

I now need to know what cables I require, I'm on a budget here so no need of anti-oxi-tri-thermal-blah blah whatever cables, just good value ones that do the job well.

I need to wire up this to the amp...

DVD Player - optical digital out - 1 metre from amp
Playstation 2 - optical digital out - 1 metre from amp
Computer - SPDIF (its a rounded and looks like a 3.5mm jack would fit in it) - 5 metres from amp
32'' widescreen television - from headphone socket 3.5mm jack - 2 metres from amp.

and wire up these speakers (distance from amp)

Front left\Right - 3 metres
Rear left\Right - 7 metres
Centre - 3 metres
Subwoofer - 4 metres

Would it be a good idea to connect the video out from the PS2\DVD Player to the amp? they can both out put RGB and S-video failing that, although RGB looks better, TV only has 1 RGB scart socket, 1 standard and 1 svideo, it can take svideo through its scart input also.

I would also like to know, supposing I wired up the 3.5mm stereo headphone jack output to the amp, would the amp receive the stereo source with its dolby surround track intact? or would it be pseudo surround? Would I need a "Pro Logic" TV for that?

Thanks for your help
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A quick question, does your TV have 2 x rca outputs on the back?

One red the other white?

If so these are used to connect the TV to the receiver.

If your receiver can do pro-logic then the stereo sound from the TV will be changed to this. Otherwise, it will just be in stereo.


p.s. Is your mind set on those speakers or are you open to suggestions?
Hi, No my Tv's only got a 3.5mm headphone output, Its got RCA inputs to go with the S-video input obviously not alot of use ;)

The amp does Pro logic 2 decoding so thats the reason I'm asking. I'm not exactly set on those speakers...BUT I do want a 5.1 package, speakers must be black or gray and be either bookshelf\floorstanders.

I'm after a package because I have absolutly no idea when iot comes to speaker matching. If some one could recommend a whole 5.1 system made up of individual seperates then that would b good :) (MUST BE 5.1 and NOT 5.0) I've had a few suggestions on 5.0 setups, but I'm mainly into films and I consider the sub essential.

thanks :)

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