Cables on VM V6 - How much difference does Quality of cable make?


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Evening all,

Have a VM V6 box connected directly to the VM feed then out to TV via a fibre HDMI. Works nicely.

But I need run a feed from that position to another room so that we can use the same VM V6 box there. Essentially extending the VM installed cables to another room.

Sounds odd but we have two rooms ... one used in Summer one used in Winter. Not as grand as it sounds .... one is mad bloody cold in Winter :)

So by running cable from current position to the other room position, we can move the V6 and then link to the 2nd TV in 2nd room.

But my question is, how important is the cable quality? Is it worth spending on a higher grade cable or will it make no difference?

Installing the cable (one time) will be a swine. Under old floor boards and through engineering brick wall. We have done it before but don't look forward to doing again.

If quality of cable is important then I'd rather spend once on it and go to the pain of install just once. The TV we will O/P to is a decent on, a Panasonic GZ2000.

Appreciate any advice that can stop me wasting time and effort. Thanks in advance

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