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Cables for TH-37PE50


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Hi,I got my new Panny TH-37PE50 yesterday and am very very pleased with it,absolutely amazing.What i was wondering is what kind of cables is best used with the plasma,i have a Ixos scart lead running from the plasma to my sky box,and a normal scart running from the dvd recorder to the plasma.Is there anymore cables i would need,Many Thanks Libby


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Hi Libby, you could try connecting your DVD via the component connection, which normally results in the best picture. A decent component cable can be bought for around £12 from Cable Universe :)


Hi Libby

I got the TH42PE50 earlier this week. I picked up a Belkin component cable yesterday for £7.49 from PC World using the [email protected] option (in-store price £24.99). By the way, the picture on the PC World website is wronf and is for an s-video cable - the component cable has 6 connectors.


I replaced the scart connecting my DVD recorder to the TV with this component cable and for audio used the audio connector which came with my DVD recorder (red and white connectors). It has improved what was already an exceptionally good picture - much sharper and more vibrant colours. Hope this helps.

You can pay a lot more for component cables however I'm not sure what additional increase in PQ you would see - the Belkin option seemed and is great Value For Money. :smashin:


hi billym

I hope they are 24 carrat gold plated connectors and not just cheapo 19 carrat plated :D
no seriously imho its pretty hard to make a bad set of component leads.
That is asssuming at least the following:
1. The leads are the same length
2. They are made with 75ohm shielded cable.

you can of course spend a lot more beer money on them, but it's really not worth your while, unless you can see interference or ringing on the screen it's not going to increase the PQ.


Thanks Mat - the connectors are, indeed, 24k gold-plated; the leads are the same length and reassuringly thick and the cables are 75-Ohm, double-shielded with 'nitrogen injected dielectric' whatever that is. Seems like a bargain to me, PQ looks great. :smashin:


'99.99% oxygen-free, solid-copper conductor'. I have no idea if that's good or bad, it's just what it says on the back of the package. :thumbsup:

Joe Fernand

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Have you ensured your SKY Digibox and or DVD Recorder are Outputting RGB signals and your TV is looking for the RGB signals.

Your IXOS is a normal SCART cable - it may simply have different material used in its construction but its still a Normal SCART cable.

Try swapping the cables around to 'see' if you see any visible advantage/disadvantage when using the IXOS over the un branded cable - if you do and the IXOS offers some benefit on both source devices then go get a second IXOS cable.

Best regards


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