Cables for LCD TV



I really know nothing about what cables to buy to get the best out of a LCD

Please can people put up links to good quality products for me

Thanks in advance !!!


I am just begining this journey too. here is my view on what cables are best for you.

Depending on what you are outputting from here we go

Best quality = HDMI to HDMI :thumbsup
Quality (PC Output) DVI to HDMI:smashin:
Quality (PC Output) DVI to VGA :D
Scart to RGB ? maybe;)
Good = Scart to Scart:rolleyes:
ok S-Video to S- video::boring:
then composite / RF:nono:

I'm sure I will be corrected on this but from what I have seen and the £££ I have spent on cables (and i have brought all of them!!)


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I have just sunk all my lcd cables into the wall and I have tried to consider everything!

In the wall I have put:

On the right:

1. A spur going down the right hand side which has a nornal kettle cord from it to power the tv

On the left

2. two quality hdmi cables
3. a flat quality scart
4. 4x phono cables (1 to carry sound from the tv back to the AV reciever and thenthe other three for two sets of sound and video)
5. Speaker cable for all the spekaers which terminates in a corner of the room where i expect to locate my ki!

What does everyone else think???


Hi ,

I am new to this AV forum. nice to meet you all.

I think u can either go for DVI, HDMI or Component video.

Perhaps the quality of the cables and connectors also quite important. Prefer to get cable with good shield, braided in order to reduce interferences and get maximum quality out of the TV.

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