Cables between DVD/AV for DVD-A and SACD


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Hi all,

Not very sure of what i'm after in terms of cabling. I have a :

Pioneer 565A
Pioneer VSX AX3 Amp

the amp (AX3) is on order, so need to look at cables now. I was told something about having to use 3 cables to be able to use the SACD and DVD-A sounds, rather than a D/co-axial, can anyone advise on this? What cables should i buy to connect my DVD to the amp and use for music and Cinema. Don't want to spend a fortune, so try not to suggest mega expensive cables if you could!!



Ian J

Originally posted by astro
I was told something about having to use 3 cables to be able to use the SACD and DVD-A sounds, rather than a D/co-axial,

SACD and DVDA is decoded within the DVD player and the decoded signal is sent down three pairs of analogue phono cables to the amp.

The Sky Plus box can be connected to the amp via an optical audio lead and the DVD player to the amp by a co-axial digital lead for the surround sound.

Additionally you will need scart or component leads to connect the DVD player and Sky Box to the TV for the video side of things but you may have already done that.


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Thanks very much for that. Are there any particular cables that you would recommend within a budget?


Ian J

I would suggest a digital coaxial cable from Mark Grant in the Powerbuy forum here as they are top quality interconnects at relatively cheap prices and that will do for the DVD.

Thor make decent scart cables and Play are selling a 1.5m lead reduced from £29.99 to £17.99 here and at the very least you should have a decent scart cable for the DVD player.

The quality of the interconnects from DVD player to the amp to handle SACD and DVDA will depend on how many you have. I am using cheap Profigold interconnects as I only have a couple of discs. It sounds great to me.

Optical cable I can't help you with as I have never used one.


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@Ian J connect the Pioneer A565 to the Amp does one need both the 6 phono leads AND the coaxial interconnect ? From the manual I thought only the phono leads were required.


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the coax is for transfering dolbly digital/dts sounds to the amp for processing . The 6 analogue cables are for cd/dvda/sacd.

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