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Hi everyone

I have finally bought my new TV (Panasonic TH-50PX60U). It is being delivered on Thursday (21st). I have also just had delivered my wall bracket (Premier : am3 plasma wall mount).

I am seriously considering getting someone to chizzle out part of the wall and run the cables through the wall.

The problem is, I don't know what cables to buy in advance as I don't want the man to have to come back every 6 months to re-do his handy work just to fit another set of cables.

At the moment I have the following:-

SKY+ box
DVD recorder

I am thinking about getting the SKY HD box but not unil it comes down in price. And I'm also thinking about buying an amplifier and hook up some speakers to it.

Can someone please advise me as to what and how many cables I require. I have been told to buy component leads or HDMI leads. I am a TOTAL newbie at all of this so all the advice you give is as welcomed as Grandma with her cheque book on Xmas day!!!!



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If you can manage to keep the cable routing in a straigh line, then the best thing to do would be to sink some cable conduit into a channel in the wall, and plaster over it.

(Conduit is the white plastic tubing that you can get from places like Wickes)

With the conduit in the wall, you can feed your cables through it easily, and if you need to change them you just tie one end of your new cable to one end of your old one, and pull it through.

Is your wall Brick and plaster or Plasterboard on a wooden frame (Stud) ?

I am in a similar position to you, in that I'll be installing a lot of new kit very soon. I will have an AV receiver taking all of the device inputs, and so will run one component, and one HDMI lead from the receiver to the screen.

In your case, it looks like you will need one cable for each device (Sky & DVD recorder), but you'll have to see which is the highest quality output from each of them to work out what cables you need.

Good luck !


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Thank you for your advise. My wall is made of solid brick.

I will try and runa straight "tube" through the wall. I will of course get advise before it is done.



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Unless you are making your own cables up, running conduit will be no good, you wont be able to fit a pre-made lead through it. Building regs also only permit you to chase out 1/3 the thickness af the wall, anymore so will weaken the wall, so bear that in mind when doing it. You could try and sink 2 x lenthgs of 25mm x 50mm minitrunking into the wall side by side. It will still be hard to fit cables into it, but would be much easier that conduit.


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One thing to bear in mind if you're chizzling a channel for the cables is that the power lead can cause interference with your picture if you are running it alongside the signal cables.

One installer I spoke to the other day said he gets loads of business from people who have installed their own screens and then need the work re-doing with two channels to prevent this interference. I'm not sure if this problem can be prevented by using a good quality shielded power cord.



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One thing, ableit slightly more expensive is to to connect every possible cable to the back, check they work and the run the cables through. Then at least you don't have to worry too much, however it will be more expensive to start and of course you may never use some of them.

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