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Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by darrenking, Sep 9, 2005.

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    I have some home cinema kit that I love the sound of but would rather have a minimalist front room without masive units full of VCR, Tapedeck (could probably get rid of that),DVD, CD/SACD, Sky, Xbox and Amp. I have also installed a multi room audio system and would like to hide all the kit and head units in a cupboard under the stairs.

    As far as cabling goes the Multi room is easy over CAT 5 and can terminate in the head unit in the cupboard all the 6.1 speaker wire can be run in through the floor/walls or ceiling so no problem there. The remotes can be solved with a Pronto or similar with RF receiver in the cupboard for £200 - £300 but what is the standard way of connecting the video outputs from all the kit to a screen in another room.

    Currently I have a 36” Sony CRT (lovely picture but far to big) and will be replacing this with some flat screen yet to be decided (probably LCD).

    At the moment, the VCR, Sky and Xbox are connected to the TV via the 3 SCARTS the DVD via the Svideo at the front. I am happy with the quality of the pictures as I tend to prefer the sharpness of Svideo over RBG when watching movies.

    My problem/question is when the kit is 10+ meters away from the screen how do I connect it up.
    Is it a job of running 10+ meter SCARTS and svideo leads or is there some clever video switching kit that I have not found yet.

    How is this done in the custom installs that you see in magazines (all though I don’t have that kind of budget, I may get some ideas)?

    I had also thought about a display with separate tuner/drive box, but is there a max length on the connection leads for such displays?

    Any suggestions gratefully received.



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