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    I hope one of you experts can help me?

    How important is it to keep your speaker cable lenghts equal, a colleague has told me it is critical because of the difference in resistance you can build into the circuit.

    If that is true I will have cable from my right F/R coiled up to lose the lenght, can this create an inductance which may magnetically effect other equipment?

    Also I need to purchase a reasonable cable, cheap but good, must also be discrete if possible

    Any advice would be much appriciated.
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    It depends on the lengths involved.
    In most houses (unless your room is immense) you will not hear any difference between speakers as the delays are in micro seconds.
    As for coiling/looping up cable, try it and see if the audio suffers.
    I've never had anything askew because cables were run in a weird fashion (unless you're mixing with mains leads).
    As for which ones........good luck [​IMG]
    That particular topic is a minefield.
    I use Nordost Flatline. But it's definately to your taste. I know the mags try to help, but what I like is a nightmare for someone else.

    Douch!!......Wots da madder, da CIA got you pushing too many penzils?

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