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    I have the following setup

    2 x Virgin Media boxes

    1 Sony HD/DVD recorder

    In the loft is an Aerial Amplifier with 8 outputs, I may need something else. All rooms are cable fed, so there has been some sort of distribution system set up at sometime.

    How do I set up so I can get the output from either of the cable boxes onto any of the TV's in the other rooms i.e. Bedroom 1 Sky sports 1, bedroom 2 Sky sports 2. Using say Channel 8 for Cable box 1 and Channel 9 for Cable box 2.

    I have been messing about trying to get the set up right but can't seem to get it. Could someone please provide a diagram of how this should be wired up. It's driving me mad and I think it is probably very simple.

    Happy to purchase a new bit of kit if need be.



    Not bothered about controlling the boxes from the other rooms.

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