Cable to make some Component cables


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Well Belkin cables get top marks I'm not sure that the Maplin cable you linked to would be suitable, Any reason you are running 20m??? can this not be reduced? as this length i think will degrade signal quality.


i`m dont anything about the cable . but i seen gordon convergent (you will find him in plasma thread ) had a large roll/drum of van damme cable for sale. was a while ago though.

pm him see if its still available.

if it helps i know component needs to be 75hms or whatever its called.:D :D


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Originally posted by hornydragon
See The Beekeepers thread on cables for detailed information.
yeh i had a read of it but it didnt say its not good to use a cheap 75 ohm coax, which this is. I cant really shorten the length down unfortunatly :(


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See if you can get some Belden 1505a cable. top stuff, not too large either. No idea of price I'm afraid, but it shouldn't cost too mcuh.

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