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Purchased a Denon AVR-x2700H.
Placed in living room connected - PS5, TiVo V6, laptop.
One out put to 4K HDR Television.
Virgin router in living connected to Denon.

Living room is 20ft long and amp is currently towards south of room near TV.
Sunroom backs onto living room to the North side but it’s an external wall that separates them.
Two floor house so may be 40-50ft distance if cable has to go up to loft and back down.

Please, how best and discreetly to connect second output from the Denon to the north facing sunroom for a 4K HDR television?

Thanks in advance

Joe Fernand

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'best and discreetly' - how best is easy enough, discreetly is another matter and may have you asking is there a different solution/actual need to link the two systems.

Hybrid Fibre HDMI cables will easily run out to 50' - the cables can be damaged or fail so always ensure they are easy to replace when installing them in wall, ceiling etc, our preferred solution is RuiPro4K or RuiPro8K.

HDBT - runs over a single CAT cable, preferably nonCCA/CCS, solid core, CAT6, you will need to ensure any unit you are considering supports HDR if that is a requirement.



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Thanks for the information and help.

Checking my understanding:
Run a Cat6 nonCCA/CCS behind the walls. Attach a wall plate in both rooms for the cat6 cable and HDMI socket connection.

will I need more than that to ensure 4K signal can be produced?

what’s the most discreet way to run an hdmi cable around the room without raggling the wall? HDMI too thick to put next to smooth edge of carpet?

Otto Pylot

Ideally you want a single cable, source to sink, with no wall plates, adapters, extenders, etc in-between. 4k HDR can be really finicky with its connections so you don't want any "breaks" in the cable continuity, especially with active, hybrid fiber cables, which, like HDBT, need a power source. The hybrid fibers cables draw their power from the HDMI port. HDBT needs some sort of wall outlet.

Hybrid fiber cable is very thin and flexible but you still don't want any sharp, 90º bends.

You can always use pass through wall plates or brush wall plates exiting the wall.


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Thank you.

strangely the last owners left a coaxial cable out the floor near the tv. Not ideal for pulling a hdmi cable through but perhaps highlights that chasing cables through walls is impossible. I thought I could attach cat6 to the coaxial and pull it through to loft then drop down to sunroom which as a coaxial sticking out too.

if it has to be one one connection HDMI then a solution around the skirting board may be best bet. That way the distance is 20-25ft. There is only 4ft of visible area as well. The rest of the route is behind cupboards. Suggestions for that 4ft to keep it as discreet (wife friendly) as possible?

Otto Pylot

I believe there are various "cable hide" products that you can look at to see what would work as far as the WAF goes 😉. I don't have any links on hand but Google would be a good place to start. Unless someone else here has some ideas or links.

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