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Is it possible to source the cabling direct from suppliers that is the same high spec that is recomended in the magazines and these forums. Cables would be for speakers, projector etc
I have a friend who works for the BBC outside broadcast group who sets up the beeb systems, he reckons he can get good spec cable considerably cheaper than it is advertised from the high street and internet outlets.


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It's really very simple to purchase 'Branded' cables at below retail - you set up a Trade Account with the Manufacturer or its Distributor and then buys lots of cables; individually each cable is cheaper that the In Store price but you have to buy a minimum number to make it work :)

If you want a decent quality cable without spending a fortune on a Branded cable then the VanDamme cables are excellent value and available through a couple of advertisers on the AVForums at near 'Trade' prices.

I doubt you can actually go to a cable 'manufacturing' plant and buy one cable - you tend to need to be talking in terms of kilometres before they let you in the door; even if your the Beeb!!!

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