Cable set up help for newbie


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Here is my new set up can you tell me which cables types and make would give the best set up and which connections to which, I already have speaker cable sorted already

TV - Panasonic Viera TH42-PX70

DVD - Sony RDR HXD970

AMP - Yamaha DSP-AX640SE

GAMING - XBOX360 elite

thanks for any help

oh and I'm on a reasonable budget around £100-150 so no £100 hdmi cables or anything please


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The DVD recorder will need 1xHDMI and 1xdigi-coax. For HDMI pretty much any cable will do, folks have had good results from cheaper cables. See ebuyer, lidl. I use these. are also recommended.
For digi-coax I use this

The Xbox Elite will require an optical cable for the audio, again pretty much any cable will do as long as they fit well. I use various types in my system ranging from £3 amazon jobs, through to QED costing £30. Again, profigold are good quality and only cost £10 or so. I'm sure a couple of these will be more than good enough. For the HDMI cable, see above.

The TV audio is analogue, so a pair of RCA phonos is what you need. Once again, profigold are more than good enough for the job. I wouldn't spend much on a pair of interconnects for TV audio anyway.


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The amp only has a digital coxial connection on the CD input will I be able to get 5.1 through that when I play a DVD or do i need a coxial to toslink convertor to input into the DVD input on the amp and if I use this will it degrade the sound quality much?


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It won't make any difference what the amp calls the input. I'm not familiar with your amp, so don't know if you can assign the inputs to a source. I'm sure the manual should be able to tell you if that is possible. If not, simply connect the DVD player to the CD input and select CD. Audio is audio! I haven't used the converters but haven't heard of anyone noticing any drop in quality so I wouldn't worry there.

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