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Cable separation/conduit in garden room


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Hi all,

I'm in the process of building a garden office that I'll be installing some AV equipment in there. Nothing over the top, mainly music and background TV. But I want to run some additional wires for flexibility in the future. This will consist of HDMI and speaker cable run in parallel with the twin and earth I'll be running for power.

Presumably I'll need to keep the cable separated.

1) Can the HDMI and speaker cable be ran together? I've done this in the past and never had any issues.
2) Do the HDMI and speaker cable need to be in conduit? The electrical wires will be around 500mm off the floor (plug socket height), how far away do the speaker cables/HDMI cables need to be from the electrical cable.
3) Do I need any kind of special cables to run in the walls? I've noticed there is specific "in wall" speaker wire, but this is fairly expensive, too expensive for my needs really.

If it makes a difference the building is timber frame, wrapped in breathable waterproof membrane, OSB boarded with 50mm celotex all round. The wires will be run through the timber frame on top of the celotex and come through the plasterboard via brush plates.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Joe Fernand

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Are you asking only about cables which are within the garden room or cables running between a main building and the garden room?

Conduit is often used in garden rooms to ‘protect’ cables from rodents if that is an issue you are likely to encounter.

Mains cables should not be run in the same conduit as low voltage cables such as HDMI or speaker cables.

Most garden rooms will have mains plus a network cable connecting them to the main building and some will have additional ‘AV cables’, which may be additional CAT cables, connecting back to the main building if you are wanting to share any AV signals in both areas.


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