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Apologies for my ignorance. I just want a nice big flat telly on the wall for watching DVDs and digital TV. Until I started reading this forum I had no idea that it was such a mindfield on possible connection options.

If you don't want half a dozen cables running to your plasma, bearing in mind that I want to stick them behind the dry-lined plasterboard wall and I don't want to make too many holes. What is the best way to go?

Is using the VGA connector going to give you the same picture quality as separate composite cables. If this is the case would it make sense to use a a tuner box like the ProV from AV-Sales, or the Panasonic tuner (is this the providing the same quality as VGA or composite).
There's a number of different options for interfacing to your screen. Do some research before going down any one route as you may find there's a better way.

As for cable runs, if you need to increase the length, then do so. If you do wish to run internal to a wall, have two channels put in and use some sort of trunking. One channel is for power cables, and the other for signal. This should prevent cross-coupling between the power/signal lines.

You'll have to take a trip to B&Q!!

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Dr John Sim.

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