Cable recommendations for Gallo balls please..


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Having always used the huge Cable Talk 3.1, which is more than twice the width of the Wallflower stands, who can recommend something similar to that which is supplied with the balls, but is too short for my set-up.

I seem to remeber reading a thread that Maplins Electronics have a similar single strand cable for sale...


check here:


Go to partexpress.com, they sell 12 gauge speaker wire in 100 foot rolls for $29. If this is way more than you need to obtain, and the rest would be wasted, you can purchase 12 ga at The Home Depot for about $0.30/foot off a spool. Anything more is a waste, as the cheapest 12 gauge that is well made is as it good as it gets, insofar as audible performance appears to be.

Regarding Monster, while this is very good cable, there is a lot of marketing hype, which the consumer has to pay for, without performance gains. To read more about this, see the "Selling Sizzle With Sizzle" link below. To read this extremely interesting and eye opening article requires a simple registration with Forbes.com, but it is well worth the free subscription.



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Some interesting facts there...
Especially the one about Oxygen free copper wire...

What about oxygen free wire?

Oddly enough, it isn't the freedom of oxygen in copper wire that makes any difference. The process of removing oxygen also removes the impurity of iron and it's this impurity that can cause the resistance to be slightly higher. The difference in resistance between copper wire and oxygen free copper wire is too small to be significant for speaker wiring. It can be considered to be ordinary copper wire as far as the recommended lengths of copper wire in the table. Oxygen free copper wire can be more expensive than ordinary copper wire.


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Eric looking at the QED site i fancy some of that QED Micro with Airloc termination. Do the Gallos take the 4mm banana plugs?
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