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Not getting any help anywhere else!!! so i shall try here...

Just about to order the following but unsure of what type and brand of cables i need!

Sony DVD - DVPNS705 (multi-region) £198.95
Sony AV Reciever - STRDB780 £224.99

So what cables do i need for CD audio playback - will the same one work for SACD??

What do i need for the DVD audio 5.1??

Cheers Guys :)


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For standard cd playback you can use either a pair of analogue phono cables (which means you use the digital to analogue converters , DAC´s, of the dvd player) or either an optical or digital coaxial cable (this would then use the DAC´s of the amp).

You need the optical or digital coaxial cable for 5.1 audio (Dolby/DTS).

For SACD multichannel playback you´ll need to connect three pairs of analogue phono cables from the 5.1 analogue outputs of the dvd player to the 5.1 external inputs of the amp.

I´d just get either an optical or coaxial digital cable (for cd and dolby/dts) and then the three pairs of analogue phono cables.
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