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Hi All,

sorry to be a pain but I have a question I recently purchased a pioneer 575A dvd player which has a mulitude ways of connecting to my tv I was under the impression the the best available connection available is S-Video but this
is not aparantly so the best I am told is component RGB is the best which the pioneer has three rca connections as the back colour coded red green blue, but my telly only has a scart and s-video conections no component connections on the telly, so would the best connection for me be a scart to scart cable which handles RGB or a component 3 RCA to scart cable like this

which would give me the best picture quality.

thanks in advance for all your help



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Does your tv have a RGB scart socket on it?

If it does, get a scart to scart lead, plug it into the scart on the dvd and the RGB scart socket on the TV.

On the DVD menu, (Video Setup Section not the exact name of it) set the video out to RGB.

Maybe i'm wrong and will be corrected on this but you'd only use components if both ends (i.e. DVD & TV) had component connections.


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oconnpad you are correct RGB Scart is different to the 3 RCAs coloured red,green,blue which are for component video (some very very rare sets LOEWE can be configured for component into scart but very very rare)


I've bought a MArantz DV4500 DVD player, which I want to connect to my Xelos 5970 CRT TV.

With my previous dvd player (pioneer) I've used an ordinairy SCART to SCART cable, but now that the Marantz has got more possibilities I would like to upgrade the connection. Any suggestion which cable to use?

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