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hi all,

i`ve recently moved into a new flat and have discovered its been wired up for surround sound ie speaker cable under the floors and channeled into wall plaster. The problem is that it looks really cheap and nasty, like the stuff you get with all-in-one systems.

Would it be a waste of time using this with my denon 1802 amp and mission speakers? should I just rip it out and use my old speaker cable thats about 5 times the thickness but will probably take at least half a day to install.

any ideas?




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Bear in mind that cable does not have to be of a large diameter or pretty to be of high quality. I would suggest giving it a thorough test before deciding what to do. I use cables at work that cost a fortune (MIL spec) but look like any other cable.

Cheers, Mylo:lesson:
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