Cable picking up a lot of hum


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Sep 16, 2004
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I've got a 5 metre lead from my PC to a stereo amp, when I touch the 3.5mm jack I get a really loud electrical hum coming from the speakers, same thing happens as I'm plugging it in.

Do I put this down to a cheap cable? Too close to a power lead? or something else?
Does it cause hum once it is located/pluged in?

Generally, safer to have everything off when unpluging and pluging in just incase things touch and short out.
No it doesn't but if I turn the PC volume up high there is inteference.

when I connect my headphones to my amp I can hear the electrical sound of the hard drive accessing!
Ok so its good it does not hum when located,

Could the turning up of the pc to approaching max be distortion and not interference?
Hearing the hdd a!

Is it a decent sound card you have installed or just a basic one?

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