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    Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but my question spans multiple things and couldn't find anywhere suitable.

    Anyway, I have the following kit:

    Pace Sky Box (normal sky, not HD)
    DVD Recorder
    Sony KDL40D3000
    Sony HT-SF1100

    I am somewhat confused as to what cables I need and how to link them all together. I have currently just got the Sky box connected to the television using a scart cable and that is it just so I can watch the television. However, I want to be able to hook up the home theater system and the DVD recorder.

    The DVD recorder has optical and scart ports. The Sky box only has a scart port and RF. The Sony gear has optical and HDMI.

    Would someone mind giving me a little idea of how I should be hooking this all up? I tried the HDMI cable I had between the TV and the Home Theater system, but I didn't get any sound out of it. I assume I need one of those red/white audio cables? (whatever they are called). But then how do I add the other two that do not have HDMI?

    Many thanks in advance for any assistance!

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