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Cable help please


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I'm in the process of wall mounting my Samsung 42" plasma, I have a question about cables (please treat me as a numpty who knows nothing as...... I am a numpty who knows nothing)

I have Sky and tiscali tv both scart, hdmi to surround system and component cables all going to the tv. Is there a way of reducing the amount of cables needed? as to hide all the cables I would need to chase half the wall out!

Any help would be appreciated but please go gentle I'm new to this fandangled wirey stuff :)


Not really DIY related until the chasing starts so will try this in the cable section :)


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The only way to simplify this is if you have a good surround sound amplifier/receiver (not an all-in-one device) that can handle all your video devices and spit it all out over one cable. This is common with current Yamaha, Denon and Pioneer amps over a certain price range. These amps will take your video and upconvert all of it to HDMI 1080p (or 720p etc.) which will improve the picture noticabley too.

If you are totally new to this I would have a read-up on how this works but the advice I have is spend money on a new amp with proper video switching and upconverting. Let the amp become the centre of all your kit then one cable goes to the TV. This also means that any new device you buy (PS3, Blu-ray, Sky-HD, Virgin/Cable, Media Centre PC......) can be connected to your TV because all the sockets for the TV are now on the back of the amp.

The alternative is to not only chase in those huge scarts into the wall but also to add a couple of HDMI's for stuff you will undoubtedly but (Sky-HD for example? The new boxes don't have component anymore...).

Put the money towards an amp. Try this one:

Yamaha Music UK Ltd

There are equivalents from Denon, Pioneer and Onkyo.

It's the best way to go. People on this forum will help you set it up. You can download the manuals from the websites which help if you have the patience. You can visualise how it all connects before you buy it.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the help,

The long term goal is obvoiusly to have nicer better kit. I'm looking for a short term solution, is there o other way apart from new amp?

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