Cable help. 3.5mm stereo to phono splits.


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This is perhaps an odd one, and you may laugh or shudder at the thought, but here goes. What i'm trying to do is have a Bose Sounddock in two corners of the room, but each one plays a single channel, so one for left and one for right. They are stereo speakers that are supposed to be independent of one another, they have a 3.5mm stereo line in. Reason being i found one cheap in the charity shop (tenner and i have one already), and i've decided to spend my Hifi budget on a surround setup in the other room for the time being. Also the remotes are not independent and operate both units together. It might not work well, it might work okay, i'm not expecting wonders here.

So from a source, we'll just say a mobile phone headphone port for example, from there to both speakers. Can i use a 3.5mm stereo to phono splitter, then a pair of single phono to single 3.5mm lead? The 3.5mm lead only has the single notch (i don't know the correct term), while normally they'd have two. Would the Sounddocks correctly work like that?

The alternative i saw via a search is a series of cables, from 3.5mm stereo to 3.5mm phono split, then two lots of dual phono, back into two lots of dual phono to 3.5mm stereo. This seems messy and not the worth the money, allbeit maybe £15.

Thanks in advance.


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You need a stereo (TRS) to dual mono (TS) adapter with the relevant sex at each end. The two speakers will have only the left or right channel. The adapter will mark which is Left or Right. You do not need any additional conversion between the mono channel and the Bose speakers, they will be happy with a TS jack.

TRS: Tip, Ring, Sleeve: your "two notches", as opposed to TS: your one notch.


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As above. If you get a stereo splitter, you’ll likely get a mess. Both channels for instance playing the same half of the stereo signal.

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