Cable for Telewest (SCART) ----> Projector (15 pin RGB/SVGA)


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Can anyone advise on the type of RGB output that the Pace boxes used by Telewest Digital (and I'm assuming NTs) use?

I've currently got this connected to my tv, but I'm looking to connect this box up to my data projector (15 pin RGB), via the SCART output, and I'm uncertain of the correct type of cable to obtain.

Keene Electronics have two different types of cable on their website ,

SCART-15 PIN HD MALE RGB (Hsync & Vsync)

Is it the first type of cable I would be looking for?


The Telewest box will be outputting RGsB, as for the PJ - RTFM!
I can recommend the RGB > VGA converter to give the best possible PQ. I use this box from my TiVo to plasma. The results are excellent, but certainly not the cheapest option.



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Well, after getting hold of the manual, I found the following regards the RGB sockets (there's two of them):-

Double-line D-SUB HD 15-pin (female)

R.G.B.:0.7 Vp-p (1.0 Vp-p at G SYNC signal), 75 , BNC
HD/SYNC:0.6-8.0 Vp-p high impedance, automatic plus/minus polarity
VD:0.6-8.0 Vp-p high impedance, automatic plus/minus polarity

So, took the plunge and went for the cable marked SCART-15 PIN HD MALE RGB (WIRED RGsB), but I've had no joy with this. Getting "No Sync" message on the projector

I've remembered to set the telewest box to output RGB.

Any ideas anyone?


It sounds like the PJ only accepts a VGA signal via the D-SUB HD 15-pin socket. Therefore it will not accept an RGsB signal that your NTL box is outputting. Check the PJ setup menu to see if you can change the type of signal the D-SUB HD 15-pin socket is looking for. Some plasmas can switch between VGA & RGsB on that input, so maybe your PJ can.
If there are no options for this in the setup menu this means that you need a converter such as those available from the link I previously posted. As I said, they are not cheap but they do give the best possible PQ.

Or you can change the component input to receive an RGsB signal via BNC connection. But you can obviously only use this if you are not already useing the component input.


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If you have a data projector its unlikely that it will accept an RGB Video signal at 15.6kHz (even with a correctly wired cable) - it will accept an RGB Date signal at PC refresh rates; usually 30kHz and above.

You have a couple of options:
1. Add in a scan converter or Line Doubler between the Telewest box and the Projector to produce an RGB signal at 30kHz or above.


2. Convert the RGB Video signal to S-Video or YUV Component Video depending on which of these Video signal types your projector is happy with.

At a guess I'd say an RGB2S-Video converter + a long S-Video cable will do the trick for you - we always supply/recommend/use one of John Sims converters.


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