cable for my centre speaker?


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hi all,

I recently got a B&W centre to match my front B&WCDM1NT's. The CDM's are cabled with QED silver ann bi-wire and are nice and bright. Temporarily i used Gale XL315 for the centre (B&W LCR60 S3) but have noticed that it's a bit dull sounding. The LCR60 has bi-wire inputs into it, so am i best to wire it with the QED silver anniversary, and bi wire it? Is there an advantage to bi-wiring a centre?




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If your centre can be biwired & you don't then it's probably got some awful shorting links. These severely impair the speaker's performance & should be replaced. To save the cost of biwiring you could make a a couple of shorting links with some decent quality cable (maybe from the Gale if it's unterminated & can spare an inch or two). Failing that 15a Twin & Earth mains cable is better than the metal links provided or silver chassis wire is even better).

The improvement heard by biwiring can often be attributed to the fact that you're replacing the inferior shorting links, so the extra long run of cable can be superfluous. Try connecting the single cable from the amp to the HF as this is generally better than LF (but you can see which you prefer).


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Originally posted by Magic
If your centre can be biwired & you don't then it's probably got some awful shorting links.
My B&W 602-S2's came with gold plated links, I'd assume the B&W center channel would too, are these still crap?


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In almost all circumstances you should do as Magic says and replace the "link", this is of course if you decide not to bi-wire.

I'm sure there have been more than a few threads on these forums discussing the pros and cons of bi-wiring, and I don't want to start yet another long debate, but if you are using QED SABW for your fronts, then you should use the same cable for the centre.

In my opinion the centre speaker is probably the most IMPORTANT speaker in a home cinema set-up. If you really don't want to bi-wire it, then take Magic's advise, and use QED SA (non-bi-wire) cable for your centre.


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will do. Am getting Bi-wire for it tomorrow. Will let you know how it sounds.



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