Cable for Front & Centre speakers


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I have a new set up on it's way.
This will be M&K K5 for left and right front speakers, M&K 7 for centre.
M&k SURT 25 are the tripole rear effects.
SVS PB-12 NSD takes care of low frequencies.

The AMP is the well respected -Yamaha RX V 757

The question is what speakers cables do I use for the Left - Centre - Right speakers ?
Now in days of old, I would have used some dammed expensive stuff, and marvelled about the loads of guff regarding Oxygen free copper, linear isopolymers and lining up flux capacitors etc.

However we are no longer chucking bass (& thus current) down these cables, as all that goes to the sub.

So what should I be considering for speaker cable for these diminutive speakers.
I have had one suggestion of Techlink ... but can't seem to find this speaker cable on line - or this forum (loads of stuff about their interconnects though)

Would welcome comments on TechLink speaker cable, or suggestions on what else to consider.


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Spoken to 2 different suppliers ... AV/Kent are advising using Techlink ... 0.80p/metre Audio Excellence recommend Chord Rumor at £8/metre.

I want to ensure the right one ... anybody know how good the Techlink stuff is ?

Is therfe a Techlink web site, having difficulty getting info.


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I havent used tech+link speaker cable but have used a scart and component leads both of which were excellent .
Heres the web address :

Regards Martin:)
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