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I am looking for the digital audio cable that is used with the Sony VTXD800U freeview box.

I have had a look at the box and I haven't got a clue what kind of cable it is. Is it an Optical or a Coaxial?

If anyone knows where to get one from and/or provide some pictures I would be very gratefull.



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Hi I have linked my Sony up to my amp with an optical cable.

You need a cable that has a mini toslink end. This looks like a 3.5mm jack plug. My cable had an adapter on the end for this. I got mine from www.hifibitz.co.uk. (I'll be damned i can find the exact link now)

Obviously you also need to see what your amp takes. I would imagine that it takes a standard toslink.


Go to www.maplin.co.uk and do a search for the following product codes:

QN16S 1m optical cable £9.99
VH70M 2m optical cable £12.99
VH71N 3m optical cable £14.99



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Thanks for the replies.

I do already have a Toslink cable, so I guess all I really need is the 3.5mm Mini-jack adaptor? Would I be correct in thinking that?

I must say it jolly difficult to see what kind of connection it is on the Sony.


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If you can get one that fits your toslink cable then thats what you need. Please bare in mind it 'looks' like a 3.5 jack plug.

The output is a small black rimmed hole, if you look carefully it will have a red light comming out of it.


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Believe it or not - B&Q have the cable you need - it's a standard Toslink cable but also comes with two of the 3.5mm converters. Made by MaxView in the aerial secion ....

Not a bad price or quality either ...




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Got an adaptor for my Toslink cable, so now enjoying freview digital radio.

Thanks to all.
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