Cable conundrum and set up help please


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Just after a little help for a set up, complete beginner here so apologises if this has been asked before, but I have checked the forums (and the whole bloody Internet!) and can't seem to find the answer (or my brain can't see it / understand it)

The situation is, just about finished daughters bedroom.

I have a sky box and now TV box (for plex) and a wired internet connection in the loft space (from a previous set up, both boxes are currently not connected to any TVs or anything, but don't want to move them into the bedroom as power is an issue)

Basically I'm coming down from the loft into the bedroom, in the thinest conduit as possible. (from bedroom ceiling to TV about 3 - 4 foot)

What I'm trying to do, is just have 1 HDMI cable ( 7- 10 meters from the boxes) and the TVs power lead in the conduit.

If I have 1 HDMI lead (tv does have 3 HDMI inputs, but trying to save on space in the conduit). then I will need a splitter ( 2 inputs 1 output) for both the now tv and sky box to connect to.

So if the splitter is in the loft I would need one that auto detects when the inputs are switched on.

The problem being from reading on the net, is that both the now tv and sky box, don't really switch off therefore, the auto detect on the splitter wouldn't work properly. (Is this correct?)

This would then mean I would need one with a IR remote.

So now I need to find away to control all 3 devices (now TV, sky box, splitter) from the bedroom.

So here where I am stuck!

I have seen the IR HDMI injectors (using the CEC of the HDMI) but how would set this up with just 1 HDMI cable going to the the splitter?

Would I need 3 of these injectors on both ends of the HDMI cable, would that even work, lol


If I get rid of the splitter and used 2 HDMI cables from the loft to the TV, I like the HDMI's to be as thin as possible but the ir extenders suggest using HDMI's at 24awg and the thin cables seem to be at 30awg, (would this really make a difference?)

Basically just want the now tv and sky working in the bedroom without the units being in there ( using as least cables as possible) but also want to solve it fairly cheaply as not my main set up)

Apologies if I've waffled on, or basically explaining the obvious, but wanted to give as much info as possible.

If I'm missing something or there is an easy way to solve it, any advise would be more than appricated, or any pointers on what kit to buy, that would be great.

Apologies if I'm taking out of my rear end!

Thanks in advance


Joe Fernand

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Conduit - better to keep high and low voltage in separate containment.

HDMI - you require a Switch not a Splitter.

HDMI Switch - auto can work, alternatively a CEC enabled Switch is an option.

Control - you may want to look at an RF enabled Harmony remote.

As Joe says switch not splitter

I'd go 2 cables and either a Harmony remote with RF hub or seperate IR over Cat6.

I dont trust the HDMI IR injectors

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