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I hope some one can help. This topic in general has given me a complete headache :confused:
I'm buying a Pioneer DV-656A-S Multi-Region DVD, and would like some advice on a good cable to link it to my TV (Panasonic TX-28MD3) and the rest of my components. My TV has two scart inputs (one wich accepts RGB and one that accepts Svideo). I also have a Satallite decoder (Grundig 3000) and will potentially connect my video recorder (Awia ??). I was considering the QED Squart AV4110 (RGB only) for the DVD to TV but wondered if
a) I would still be able to see the onscreen setup from the DVD through that
b) do I have to use the pass through scart on the DVD player for my satallite or will it go into the AV2 of the tv which is a Svideo Scart input. If I do have to use the pass through How do I get sound for the satalite box (from one of the DVD's audio outputs)? c) Or would I just be better off getting the QED AV2110
21 pin fully wired scart or something similar (IXOS, THOR).

Sorry for the long message, but I have scoured evrywhere and asked all my friends and no one can seem to give me a straight answer! Thanks in advance



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I would imagine a couple of fully wired scart cables should do the job.

I´d have the dvd player connected to the AV2 scart of the TV and set it to S-Video, also set your dvd player to output S-Video.

Then connect the Satellite box directly to AV1 (RGB), set the output of the Sat Box to RGB, then just have the video connected to the second scart on the satellite box (I´m assuming it has a second scart!!). All audio & video will be passed to your TV without any problems.

Another alternative is to have the dvd player connected to AV1, set the player to output RGB, then connect the Sat Box to the dvd players second scart. It will pass through the audio & video. Then connect your video to AV2 of your TV.

Not sure how this will do for recording though, might be better to stick with the first option in this case, unless you use the RF lead from the Sat Box to the video.

Hope this helps.:)


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Thanks Jase,
I think I would like to get the best possible picture from the DVD player. As I understand it RGB would give me the best possible picture! So would it make sense to use a RGB only scart (like the QED Squart AV4110) from the dvd player to AV1 (RGB) (audio to amp) and then connect the Satallite to AV2 (svideo) and pass the video through the satallite box or connect the video to AV2 and pass the sattallite through the video?
Does this make sense?
Pete :)


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S-Video can be as good and in some cases (depending on the player etc) can be better.

Just bear in mind, the majority of TV´s don´t have a second scart that can take an RGB signal so you´ll be stuck with a composite signal from the Sat Box (unless that can output an S-Video signal). Videos are only capable of a composite video output as well (unless it´s an SVHS model).

All depends what you´re watching priority is?? Dvd´s or the Satellite??

I´m not sure you´re likely to see much difference between an RGB only scart cable and a fully wired job. Couldn´t tell the difference when I tried them!:rolleyes:


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Your right my tv's second AV is Svideo. But fortunatly the digibox is a Grundig GDS3000 and has a S-Video out. So would I be better of getting an S-Video to Scart for the sat box and putting it to AV2. Then putting the video into the Sat box? And the DVD to AV1 through SCART (RGB or fully wired!).
If I did that does the sound go through the S-Video connection as well or would i need to route that to an amp?
Thanks for your good advice, I should have come here first.


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What will cause the problem is it´s unlikely the Sat Box will pass through the signal from the Video. S-Video and composite are two completely different signal types. Sound is also not output via an S-Video cable, you´d have to route that to an amplifier from the Sat Box audio outputs.

Does your TV have a dedicated S-Video input? AV3? Usually on the front panel or side. If so, you could have an S-Video to S-Video cable running from the Sat Box and still have it connected via scart to AV2 so that is passes throught the Video´s signal.

Another option would be to route the video through the second scart on the dvd player (which is connected to AV1 RGB) but you may have problems if the dvd player doesn´t have its Macrovision disabled (anti-copying).

Last resort would be a scart switching box available from places like then connect your bits of kit into that instead.

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