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Cable confusion

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by david31337@aol., Aug 24, 2005.

  1. david31337@aol.


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    Hi, I usually just read posts here, but I have a few question with regard to my new pj. It's mostly cable stuff. I want to have my PC, Xbox, PS2 and Sky, all connected up to it, im just struggling to get the right cables. In has there inputs:

    Computer inputs
    2x VGA 15 pin D-sub

    Computer output
    1x VGA 15 pin D-sub (shared with input, switchable)

    Video inputs
    1x Composite video (RCA)
    1x S-Video (mini 4 pin DIN)

    Communication terminals
    1x RS-232C
    1x USB type B

    So what I know so far, the RCA input im thinking can be used for sky. Using PureAV 3 RCA to Scart Video cable. Then the PC can be on the S-video input. If this is right, then what can the Xbox and Ps2 be on? They don't need to both be plugged in at the same time.
    Anyone got any suggestions as to what cables to use where? They all need to be 5m long, and I don't want to spend to much, but I do want good quality. Any help would be great!!

    Does any have a Sanyo PLC-XU41? If so what do you think of it?
    (I tried this in the LCD porjector forum with not much luck) :(

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