Cable Broadband Router Help - NAT issues + drop-outs

Olly C

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Hi there,

I've been having problems chosing a networking setup to suit my needs after my current one stopped working.

Current setup was:

Virgin 10mb Cable Line > Virgin Modem > D-Link DSL-924 >

That is then Split 4-way (My PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Belkin N Wireless F5D8233-4v3 Router)

From the Belkin N Wireless Router its split (Brothers PC, Brothers Xbox 360) then also Wi-fi is used for wireless devices etc in the house including my Sisters PC.

The whole setup worked perfectly for the the PC's and Wireless devices but had a few problems with gaming on the Xbox 360's regarding NAT issues and drop outs.

The D-Link router blew up last night so now I've just got the Belkin N Wireless one, PC's etc all working fine but massive problems yet again gaming!

Setup is now:

Virgin 10mb Cable Line > Virgin Modem > Belkin N Wireless Router

(My PC, 360, PS3, Brothers PC) Then Wireless to Brothers Xbox and the rest

Trouble is if I have my 360 in the DMZ his Xbox NAT type will be 'Strict', I tried port forwarding everything on mine and running it that way, no joy, UnPD enabled and disabled, no joy, mine only seems to appear as 'Open' when in the DMZ.

Even when playing on my Xbox online with it in the DMZ as 'Open' and my brother playing on his Xbox using wireless and NAT being 'Strict' I still found myself being disconnected and signed out of Live for no reason :(

Basically I'd like to know what I router would be better to upgrade to and if I bought a new one what are the chances I'd be able to successfully setup both 360's to have 'Open' NAT types?

BIG thanks if anyone can help me out!

Olly C

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To simplify a main question does anyone know if buying a certain router will allow me to connect multiple gaming devices to the router but keep thier NAT types as open?

I'm on the phone to Belkin and they claim the router I have (or all thier routers?) will only support one gaming device at a time as you can't put more than one console in the DMZ or port forward the same ports to multiple IP addresses?

Does that sound right? Would another make of router fix my problems, if so which one?

Cheers Olly.


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In case it helps, i set up a Buffalo WHR-G300NV2-EU (Wireless N 300M Cable Router) attached to a Zyxel 1-port ADSL Modem Router (but set so that the Zyxel is like a dumb modem, and the Buffalo does the actually connecting up) and he has Type 2 on his PS3 with it in the DMZ and games tend to be fine (tho randomly gets lag / rubber banding in B3 still, but that doesnt appear to be uncommon still ;)) but everything works really well.... he also plays RTS games on his PC, which wud lag something terrible previously with the all-in-one ISP supplied router.

With this setup, he's connected from all devices wirelessly (we got a new Wireless N 300M card for the PC - just in case) and has multiple other devices all connected up wirelessly - mostly at the same time - without problems.

Would imagine that for the mere £15-£20 that the router costs, it might be worth a punt :)

I dont have the settings to hand but given he lives just down the road, i cud certainly help ya out with the settings if u got stuck :)

Good luck.

Olly C

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I think at the moment I seem to have solved the problem, albeit with buying a new Router..

I purchased the D-Link DIR-655 Router for about £35 off eBay, connected it all up and my 3DS and 360 etc all work fine now, what I've also done is set my old Belkin router to work basically as a switch connecting to my brothers PC and 360 and everything has OPEN Nat types and no disconnects now :)

If I have problems the D-Links Router settings seem way more extensive than that on the Belkins so I think I'll have better luck trying other solutions out on this router, but for the moment all is well in network land :)


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Personally I've never had a too-good impression of Belkin hardware - you did what I was going to suggest anyway (get another router, like the 655 or 615), so you should be good to go now.

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