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hi all, might get a new component cable for my system.

currently it uses a monster cable (dont laugh, got this when i first got a plasma) and am thinking of going for a Van Damme, Ixos or QED.

van damme is quite cheap, but i have 2 of their optical cables and they are very good quality :cool:

other options are the QED P-CV1 or the Ixos XHV704.

any other suggestions welcome, nothing really wrong with the monster cable but i can use it elsewhere anyway, so it's a good excuse :D

it cost £70 about 14 months ago :eek:


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nearly forgot about the mark grant cables, they look good but may be a bit big for routing to my PJ. no real rush though as i want to get the length right so will have to get properly setup first :rolleyes:


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The Mark Grant cables have a thick black outter sleeving, however he does a version without this sleeving.

They come as separate cables and are very easy to route around equipment and use the same cable+connectors as one another.

They would be my first choice.


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as phils_wicked said they are a bit thick, which is what i meant benw :smashin:

they could be the cable to go for, just would be good to know how they compare also :)

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