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hi there!

This is my set up,

Virgin V box --> LG DVDrecorder --> LG 26" HDTV

Currently they are connected together by VERY cheap SCART cables.

I want to replace these. Should i just buy some new good quality SCART leads or is there a better option that scart these days??

Hope you can help.

Thanks in advance,


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A good quality scart cable will make a bit of a difference, but not a huge one in my opinion. People even debate whether a cheap cable compared to an expensive one makes any difference at all.

If you want to upgrade your scart go here and see what takes your fancy price wise, as they are all good scarts in various lengths:

If your dvd recorder has component connections, as I'm sure your new TV does aswell, then you could hook it up that way, or alternatively use scart cables also.

Here is a link to some component cables:

All being said, you don't have to break the bank :)


so is componant better quality than SCART?

Is componant for Video & Audio? or just video?

thanks again.



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Yes component is better than Scart as it delivers the video signal in it's raw components (I use component to connect my DVD). A close second would be the SCART lead via RGB.

Component will ONLY deliver the VIDEO signal, so you will need seperate leads for the audio. SCART delivers both VIDEO and AUDIO.

Hope that clears things up.

My HDTV (purchased yesterday) is connected as follows :

DVD player - Component
Cable box - RGB SCART
Wii - Via (composite) SCART at mo. but looking to change.


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