Cabinet advice needed!


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Hi, because of a slight high-pitched whine on my new Sony BDP-S370 Blu-ray player I'm thinking of housing my AV equipment in a cabinet below my projection screen rather than at the back of my room on exposed shelves. I'm looking at a Techlink Overture but am not quite sure yet. It is enclosed - has a glass door front - which though not exactly sound proofing per se should help cut down on the whine. Right? I hope so! I have a slight concern though as to heat build up in the cabinet. The rear of the cabinet is practically open and Techlink themselves tell me that they've not had a complaint so far on this matter, but what do you think? I have a Denon 1909 which is 17 cm tall. Techlink tell me that
With the shelf in it's middle position there is 160mm usable space above, the shelf depth is 425mm but only the rear most 270mm is useable to this full height because of the intrusion of the door action. The space below is 185mm. There are alternative heights for the shelf at + and - 40mm from the aforementioned dimensions.
Given the dimensions do you think I'll have a problem with heat and my Denon 1909? There'll be a few centimetres clearance between the roof of my Denon and the underside of the shelf above.

Thanks for your thoughts.
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