Cabin Fever , Dealing with.


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41,671 ants in the garden yesterday and 41,649 today. Some must be self isolating.


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We came back off holiday last Saturday, then straight into 14 days lock-down as my wife showed symptoms as soon as we got in the house. :eek: Of course having been away, we'd run down on most supplies before we went away, with the plan of stocking up on our return...It's surprising what a few things bought at the airport M&S, plus some 'drop offs' by friends and family have allowed us to eat and clean though.

To answer the OP I'm working from home, living in a separate bedroom and using the downstairs shower room, trying to delay/avoid catching it as well. So far catching up with work and doing the food prep, catching up on the post holiday washing and trying to order some supplies on line has kept me occupied. Thankfully I hadn't taken my (electronic) drum kit down before our holiday and it's still set up in the conservatory (furthest point from my wife's current bedroom, not that it makes much noise). Plus I bought an acoustic guitar just before we went away that my wife hasn't been anywhere near, so I know is 'clean'.

Between the drumming and guitar playing it's keeping me occupied after I've fed us both on an evening and she has gone to sleep. My wife seems to have a relatively mild case, though lack of sleep due to coughing at night does wear her out. Hopefully she will be well soon and we can at least go back to a relatively normal home life...if nothing else I won't feel like I'm working in an operating theatre and constantly trying to remember what things may be 'dirty' and which things have already been disinfected. The 5 second rule is definitely cancelled for the moment. :D

Once she is better (and assuming that I've either had an extremely mild case, or I don't catch it from her) then I plan to catch up on a pile of films we haven't watched. Also plenty to get on in the garden, if the nice weather continues, or get on with some work on my RS2000 in the garage if the weather is bad. I want to try to get some recordings done before I have to take down my drum kit (I did promise it was only during the cold months when we don't tend to use the conservatory :blush:). Maybe by the time I've done all this I'll be able to go out to the local studio to record the noisier guitar parts.

I think under the circumstances I have enough to keep me going, though once I'm clear of any sign of illness myself, I'll be back working at some places that may be considered higher risk, so I'm hoping that I've already had it somehow.


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Makes no difference to me .. rarely go out because of disability .. Only been out once since christmas , and that was to get an MOT
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