Cabasse Launches CinéOle 2.1 TV Audio System


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Cabasse, French loudspeaker manufacturer and member of the Canon Group, is introducing the CinéOle digital home cinema audio system to add higher quality audio to any TV for consumers who want to enjoy better sound, in an easy to set up package.

CinéOle is intended for people who appreciate the value of better quality sound, but don’t want the complexities of a full home cinema system and a room full of loudspeakers and cables. Two compact satellite speakers, which can be wall or shelf mounted, combine with a subwoofer that connects to the audio output of the TV.

With just three cables to connect: from the TV to the subwoofer, the subwoofer to the satellite speakers and the subwoofer to the mains, the user should be enjoying better quality sound from their chosen programme or film within minutes of opening the box. Operation of the system is as simple as activating the playback source, such as the TV on its own or a connected Blu-ray player, and the CinéOle automatically switches on and reproduces the sound from the source. To further simplify the user’s experience and eliminate the need for a multitude of remote controls, a universal remote is supplied with the system, which controls the CinéOle, TV and source components. And with the environment in mind the CinéOle will even gently switch to stand-by when the TV is turned off!

The two satellite speakers, which come from the company’s Eole2 5.1 home cinema system, feature Cabasse’s point source SCS technology, as developed for the flagship La Sphere system.

The heart of the system is a Santorin 21 subwoofer, also from Eole2, which has been enhanced to include the amplification for the satellite speakers and an optical input to connect to the digital output of the user’s TV and Dolby Digital decoding circuitry. Analogue RCA connectors are also included for easy connection of an iPod, streaming music system or for TVs not equipped with an optical out. Proprietary speaker connections are also included, making it 'impossible' for the user to incorrectly wire up the system.

Commenting on the development of the CinéOle, Christophe Cabasse observed “With so many consumers now owning high definition televisions and Blu-ray players the pictures they are enjoying are of excellent quality. It is a shame the same cannot be said of the sound produced by modern television loudspeakers. The design of these “ever thinner” TVs has, by necessity, meant smaller drivers with lower performance as a result. Increasingly viewers are missing out on vital sound detail that could really enhance their viewing experience.” He went on to add “We understand that many people do appreciate good quality audio, but do not want to have a room full of speakers and cables and this is why we developed CinéOle. Now, with just three cables to connect and a few minutes work, it is possible to enjoy world class Cabasse sound quality and really enhance their enjoyment from a very discrete system.”

We ceratainly agree with Christophe's sentiments but at an srp of £849, it may be a tough sell. CinéOle is available in gloss black or gloss white and comes complete with two 13cm diameter satellites with magnetically adjustable bases for ease of positioning either on wall or bookshelf, the 33x33x36cm Santorin 21C subwoofer, a universal remote control and all the cables required.


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