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I have a set-top box with only composite video and left-right audio connection. I would like to listen to TV using the speakers connected to the 540R V3 during daytime. But during night time viewing, I would like to forward the audio to the TV speakers.

What are the options that I have? Can I somehow use the pre-amp out or the tape loop out for achieving this functionality. (Both are unused). The TV also has an output for audio/video. Will it be better to use these instead.

Any help, directions or feedback is appreciated.


Adam Shaw

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If your set top box ONLY has these connections, then it would be simplest to go down your suggested route, and run the STB direct to the screen, and take an audio out from the screen to the reciever.

If you were to use the tape out on the reciever to run an audio feed to the screen, the reciever would have to be on to pass this audio signal to the TV, so even when you arent using the reciever and are using the TV speakers, it will still have to be on

Do check to see if the audio output from your TV is dependent on the volume of the TV speakers. I have come across a few screens whereby the output was directly linked to the TV volume setting, so if you mute the TV speakers or turn them down to nothing, the audio output sockets are also muted!

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