CA 540R V3 and PS3 sound?


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Having a sound issue with 540R V3 and PS3.

Phillips TV, HDMI connected to 540V3, PS3 HDMI connected to 540V3

The sounds comes out the TV, but not out the amp. I have set the hdmi and sound to video 2 and digital.

What am I doing wrong? Or is it not possible to ouput the sound via hdmi through the 540V3?

Seems odd am sure I am doing something wrong.


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Cambridge Audio AV receivers do not pass through audio. The HDMI inputs simply allow you to switch inputs. Can you run an optical/coax digital cable from the ps3 to the AVR? Then link whatever HDMI input your using to that input.


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As above - no hdmi sound on current CA amps - you'll need seperate digital from PS3. Unfortunately that rules out HD sound formats from PS3, as it does not have multichannel out. Still 540r is a great sounding amp.


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Thanks guys, I had a feeling this might be the case.

I will run optical from PS3 to 540 to resolve.

Yes sure is a great amp.

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