C9 Failed 3x In Less Than A Year


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Just wanted to air my grievances with regards to a problem I'm facing with LG. Bought a C9 in Nov last year and ran into a couple of issues this year and it never ends....

1) Feb 2020 - Dead Pixels start appearing on screen's edges (Panel was replaced)
2) April 2020 - Panel just suddenly stopped working (Panel was replaced by the same LG tech)
3) Sept 2020 - Fat vertical line across screen (Awaiting LG tech to come over to verify)

Called LG support earlier, and told rep bout the issues I'm facing and if maybe they can do a set exchange instead of panel replacement. Was rejected as it's not in their company policy to do replacements. They only can attempt to repair it. Really like the C9 but I'm appalled at it's reliability and customer service policy.

Not sure if I've a lemon C9 or their replacement panels are refurbs, never had a electronic product (besides xbox 360) failed so many times before. I really like the product but their service policy is making me think twice about ever getting a LG product.

Sorry for ranting in my first post here but I've never experienced such stingy customer service before. :(


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Speak to who you bought it from. I think you have grounds for a refund/replacement although it's likely you wont get another C9 (maybe a good thing).

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