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C6 01 or C7

Steve Burling

Active Member
I know I have already asked for opinions on Nokia N8 v C7, but have been and seen the C7 and C6 today and thats where my decission lies now. Anyone got any opinions on these and what are they like to live with on a daily basis.


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Q) Why do you use full focus camera on Nokia C7 & C6-01, not auto focus?
With full focus, you only need to press the capture key without the need to wait for autofocus, leading to fast capture times.

Q) What is unique feature in Nokia C6-01 and C7 that we can't find in other products?
à I think it's a combination of things: materials, form, look& feel and true Nokia identity.

Q) Just want to ask is that true Nokia C7 & C6-01 support SWYPE?
Both devices support SWYPE.

Q) What is the reason giving charging point to side while it can be done only by USB?
Both the Nokia C7 and C6 can be charged with either a DC jack or Nokia charger, or a micro USB connected to a PC

Q) What is the new design of C7 & C6-01 trying to achieve? How it compare to N8 and products like iPhone & Android?
Nokia has always designed for people from all walks of life, so our devices all look and feel different, but still very Nokia.

Q) In terms of Design, what point do you think C7 amazes consumers?
Organic lines, dynamic surfaces and the way the light and shadows are playing with every detail of the devices.

Q) Why is there NFC built into the C7? Will it be used for something with SW-update?
Yes, the Nokia C7 includes NFC chip. The software can later be upgraded to support NFC functionality.

Q) What is the idea behind a small dot cut near menu button Nokia C7?
It's a microphone.

Q) For a pure touchscreen phone why is Nokia C6-01 such a fat phone?
We have optimized the overall size of the C6-01 for a great compact size, and good ergonomics.

Q) Why there's no cover for the 8mpix camera?
We didn't include the cover in order to enhance the sleek design of the C6-01.

Q) What is the most cutting edge feature inside the phones?
For C6-01 are the compact size and the ClearBlack display.

Q) Nokia C6-01 is pretty heavy, any reason for that?
We used as much stainless steel as possible; it is such a great, durable, premium material, so feels heavy for its size.

Q) Any specific reason for placing the loudspeaker at the back of the phone instead of sides?
àWe combined the flash, camera and loudspeaker into one beautiful detail at the back.

Q) What is the most cutting edge feature inside these phones?
my opinion, the camera algorithms that we use for image processing are the best in the industry.

Q) Any new eco-trends in your designs?
We're always looking to "eco optimize" products, incl. production, logistics, materials, etc. It's about more than just design.

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