C&C Generals + ATI card question

Joe Pineapples

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Going round to a m8's house tomorrow to sort out why his original C&C Generals, wont work at all with his fairly new ati 9600 (256meg). Although i supsect he's using the drivers which came with the card. i just wondered if anyone else has had any probs with this game & gfx card, and if you sorted it with either a driver update (which version?), and/or patch for the game itself.




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I've got a radeon 9000 (non pro) and I didn't have problems with the initial game. I have a few problems with large maps going really slow in the Zero Hour expansion pack but it may be that my card isn't up to it.
I would always get the latest drivers from ATI. What kind of errors does he get ?

Joe Pineapples

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What kind of errors does he get ?
Dont know yet. Suppose the best thing would be to download any latest patches for the game, and a few different ati driver versions to take with me.

thanks anyway



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Get the latest ATI drivers 3.10 they are at now

Also Generals has a patch 1.6 out I think which is also worth getting

I have the 9800 pro and its great with this game


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Just to let you know the ATI CAT 4.1 has been out since the 19th of January......

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