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Anyone come across this message before on their DVD player. I use a Sony 725 (multiregion), and have recently had 2 discs that refused to play with this message. One would play on my other (Pioneer 545) player, but the other refused to play on both.

Any ideas?


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It is the "dirty disc" error.

Try cleaning your discs. Use a damp tissue radially

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It can be more than a dirty disc error.

Some Sony models are infamous for the C13 error. If you search the web, you'll find loads of sites discussing it (search the forum too as it's come up before - I can see at least one thread on this topic a few threads down from your one at the moment). I'm afraid that if it's NOT down to a dirty disc then it's a more serious problem with the player which would cost more to fix than to replace.


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C 13 Error on a 725 usually means dead lens. Calibrations gone or is on the way out. Same discs work on other players but not the 725.

My m8 J had this error and has ended up forking out for a new laser £80 + fitting. He wont tell me what it cost. Possibly more than the cost of buying a good midrange player these days I suppose....


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Originally posted by alan8477
Looks like a good excuse to upgrade.

It's funny you should say that - this excellent forum has been helping me out of exactly the same scenario here.

As has already been said, kick the machine into service mode and refocus the laser. Apparently it works better if you do a single layer disc before a dual layer, but I have to say my 725 won't play any dual layer disc now and so is now officially a CD player.

This is a link to the best site describing the service menu and its features.

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