Bypassing laptop security to install Skype

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On my company laptop, which is a MacBook Pro I have administration right and can install any software that I want.

The only software that is disallowed and cannot be installed is Skype.

I asked the IT support to allow me to install Skype on my laptop but couldn't convinced them.

Now I'm looking for a workaround to install Skype on my MacBook.

One way I can think of is installing a Virtual machine on my laptop and trying to install Skype on that Virtual machine.

But I know that a Virtual machine takes too much of my laptops's RAM and this might slow down my machine.

Is there any other way to bypass the security mechanism on my laptop and install Skype on it?


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Firstly, it depends what the "security mechanism" they are using to manage the device is.

The VM method could work, but seems like an awful lot of effort to get Skype on there. How much RAM does your laptop have? Windows 10 runs fine on 4GB RAM so you might be fine to do that.

The other thing to consider is that its a company-owned laptop and you could be on extremely shaky ground if they discover you trying to do this or if you're successful. Chances of being caught really depends on what security they've got on it and how much attention they pay to the reporting they probably get from it.

If you really need Skype that much, can you not just install it on your own phone/tablet?


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Also if your company don’t allow it. And it’s company equipment. Then don’t put it on!

from an IT support guy


It’s not your laptop and trying to bypass company security on it would be at the very least grounds for them to dismiss you - at least that’s how it works where I work.

presumably if they don’t allow Skype they use and allow others like Teams, Zoom etc. as mentioned if you want Skype for personal use, it installs on a personal phone.

Thread closed - this isn’t the place to discuss hacking to get around corporate IT equipment security.
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