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A very historic landmark in Plymouth, an old church which was bombed during the 2nd world war. In its honour, they built a roundabout around it. And then a Primark behind it (!)

Anyway, my take on it....

Click pic for exif.

Canon 5dmkII
5 secs @ f/16
iso 100

Pushed the blacks, de-saturised a little, messed about with the white balance.
As ever, C&C is most welcome.


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Nice shot - too tight on the church tower at the top though...



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I'm kinda with Jim. I wish you'd pointed your camera slightly higher to cut off the foreground and get more of the church instead :) Otherwise, interesting looking spot you found and nice light trails! I like the treatment on this, too.
What makes this really cool is the contrast between the buildings. Very old and conservative and very new and modern, nice one.


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Thanks for the comments.

I tried a couple of shots with the steeple in, but due to its height, it left too much black sky above the new building on the left. To my mind, it left too much dead space in the image.

I also took a couple of shots from further around which shows more of the steeple. I'll post them in the "not valid" thread.


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Nice capture of Plymouth Heritage! Bud :thumbsup:

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