A couple of months ago I was after a 36" tv. After checking out this forum and noting each models 'Pro & cons' I purchased the toshiba. (36zp18) Striaght away is was apparent that it had a severe buzzing problem. I reported this to Q-E-D (Internet retailer) who 1st tried to repair it, then ended up changing the set. The new set had the same problem. They later confirmed that their was a problem with the model and many had been send back.
They very kindly let me exchange for a new TV, after much consideration I went for the philips 36pw9607c and guess what? It has the exact same problem!
Does anybody else have this problem with 36" tv's or is it just me?
I am now becoming paranoid that I have superman like hearing or something.
Does anybody have a 36" that doesn't buzz so I can try my luck with Q-E-D again.
"Please help":(
Hi Jay

I have the tosh 28zd26p

Also from QED

and also suffers from buzzing, I can hear them even when the volume is turned up to 20...

I am awaiting the engineers to call and see what they come up with....
hi rmsdev,
Are you still waiting for those illusive engineers to call you too, its been a week and a half since i called qed to report the fault. I think that it looks like all 28zd26ps suffer from this problem and if this is the case, i'll be looking to try to exchange it for the sony 28ls60 and add some money to it. Let me know if those engineers ever get round to calling you.
Q-E-D were excellent.
If it goes anything like my problem the engineer will say its the coil in the tube and the only way to repair it is to replace the tube.
When that doesn't cure it, Q-E-D will offer you a replacement set of your choice. "Great" or so you may think!

when I phoned QED they said engineers would contact me via their web site, .... SO DO CHECK THIS....
And yes I am STILL waiting as well


If they have to take the set back, can I opt for another TV? or a refund?

They gave me a courtesy tv whilst the repair was being done, but if you have reported the fault within 14 days you are entitled to a full refund anyway.(If you prefer)
If they can't cure it (Like with mine) they offered an exchange or a full refund.
Thanks for your input Jay

BTW which TV will you be going for now?

I am so confused...
"God knows!"
I have always had Sony equipment, but due to its well documented geometry problems I tried something else.
The Philips is excellent except for the buzzing.
I will contact QED this afternoon for some advice.
Originally posted by Jay.H
............I purchased the toshiba. (36zp18) Straight away is was apparent that it had a severe buzzing problem. ...."Please help":(


I've had three widescreen TVs in quick succession (two Panasonic 32PL10s and one wonderful Sony 32FQ75), all of which buzz to some extent, a problem also evident on my father's Panasonic (which improved once it had been 'run-in').

My view is that the problem (?) is an inherent part of the technology (IMHO). My solution was to focus on enjoying my TV rather than on minor niggles that you really don't notice after a short while - particularly when the sub is on.

The alternative, keep sending those sets back....

Hope this helps put a different perspective on it.

I appreciate that most electrical equipment has some kind of minor buzzing, due to transformers, coils etc. But when you and the engineer can hear the buzzing 20ft away when the volume is set at 20 and you go to bed at night with buzzing in your ears as if you'd been a night club, then its difficult to concentrate on the plus's of your tv.
2 of my friends have the 36" panasonic and 1 the 32" sony, none of which make any noise.
2 engineers from QED had different views, one accept it and the other, no buzzing should be apparent from a tv costing nearly2K!
QED want to do an 'environment test' to see if I have interference (The fact I have recently moved house didn't bother them)
It seems from what I have read on this and other forums, its pot luck & what individuals are prepared to put up with.
If I can get a tv set with 'minor' buzzing "I'll be happy!"
Just an Update....

An "engineer " pooped in to check the TV
Confirmed the buzzing as soon as I put the TV on...
He said he'll give his report to QED tomorrow and then I can arrange for em exchange....
Thats just what i wanted to hear, i still havent had a call back from them yet, have you chosen what tv you're going to exchange it for, if they let me exchange mine, i think i'm going to go with the sony 28LS60 which seems to have had quite a few favourable comments from forum members. Keep me updated with how it all works out, thanks

Do you think QED will accept to exchange it for another TV?

I think I will go for the ZT29B or the pixel plus...
Well if they try to give me another one, i'll just say it looks like alot of 28zd26ps have this fault. Just by the fact that you and i have the same fault, i'll offer them the extra money for the Sony and hopefully they'll accept.

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