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I have recently purchased a Sony STR-DB1080 Receiver and a Kef HTS2001 Speaker package and have encountered a problem with a buzzing sound coming out of the satellite speakers this continues to happen no matter what arrangement a connect my equipment to receiver in fact the sound remains even when the only thing connected is one speaker as you can imagine this is most annoying has anybody any idea as to cause & cureif possible or will receiver have to be retuned.

Equipment being used Sony KV28-FX65u Television
Sony STR-DB1080 Receiver
Sony DVP-NS300 DVD
Sony SLV-X9G Video
Kef Hts2001 Speaker Package
QED interconects and speaker wire
Olson Sounds Fantastic Adapter and mains filter


I had a similar problem but with a denon 3802 connected to the Kef eggs. After endless testing I found the source of the problem.
I had the mains lead from the sub-woofer going into a six-way power pack along with my other AV equipment.

As soon as I unplugged the sub-woofer the buzzing went away. Now the sub-woofer is connected to it's own power socket on the other side of the room. Try isolating the subwoofer from your other equipment




Tried moving subwoofer but unfortunatley this made no difference and as stated in my first message have set up receiver with only the center speaker conected and buzz was still there.

Thanks for reply


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Hi Gall,
I have had my Sony STR-DB1080 for just 3 days and it has started buzzing on all 5 speakers since yesterday.
It is very annoying at night where all you can hear is an earth type buzz.
The buzz is not their all of the time it seems to come and go and changing sound fields or by going into 2 channel doesn't seem to make any difference.

Things have taken a more serious turn today as the amp now goes into "PROTECTOR" mode and refuses to respond to anything other than the OFF button when music is played at a loud level
Have checked all wiring on back of unit and on rear of speakers and their is no sign of a short circuit.

I havent yet got a sub woofer connected to the HiFi so i can count that out of the noise equation.

Will phone EmpireDirect first thing to ask their tech support guys what the problem is.

If you have any ideas maybe we can share our information?

Regards Malcolm

Sony STR-DB1080 Reciever
Sony DVP-NS905V DVD Player
Technis SLP770 CD Player
2x Mission 765i Front speakers 4 ohmns
2x Mission 73S surround speakers 8 ohmns
1x Mission 73C Center speaker 8 ohmns
QED 90 cable


I am also going to contact my dealer tommorrow in my case Superfi and if past dealings are anything to go with i am farting against thunder anyway if i find out anything i will post imfo.

Thanks for reply
Hi Gall

I bought the Sony 1080 last week from Superfi and everything was fine until last night when it suddenly started buzzing from the speakers !!!

Disconnected everything, tried different speakers and a different room (mains outlet) and it still buzzes.

Takes about 8 to 10 mins from turning on before it starts buzzing.

The amp is definately faulty ! Take it back.

I have experienced ground loop/ interference buzzes before and this is not the case with the sony. It is faulty.

Took mine back to SuperFi in Manchester today and the service was excellent. No problems at all and was offered a replacement straight away (thanks Chris, Superfi).

Perhaps print this post off when you go as it always helps but they should exchange it as it is definately a fault.



Is the sound more of a humming or a buzzing? If it is a humming, it is due to 'ground-loop hum'. This can be removed by ensuring all equipment is at the same ground potential. (If you need further information - let me know). The problem may also occur due to a bad connection between equipment. Locating the problem is a step-by-step process and can take some time.
No this is a buzz, not a hum.

I have experienced ground loops before and this is different.

Even when the amp is not connected to anything and the volume is muted, it still buzzes.

Even tried at at a friends house to eliminate my mains and it still buzzes.

I had a ground loop hum with a kef sub and Denon amp and the Sony problem is definately not the same.

I have had the amp connected to only one speaker, no other connections and isolated in a room with no other components and it still buzzes.

The amp was fine for 4 days, fully connected and running fine and then all of a sudden it just started buzzing from the satellite speakers with no changes in circumstance.

If you turn the amp off for a while and then turn it on, it will operate perfectly for about 8 to 10 mins (warms up) and then the buzzing starts and thats when it is not connected to anything other than one speaker.

If it was a ground loop then it would be apparent all the time.

I took it back to SuperFi today and they replaced it as faulty - not a ground loop or other interference problem.

I know where you are coming from as I had a ground loop hum with a Denon amp previously and this Sony problem is definately different though.


Hi Malford and Gall

This is mainly for you two.

Just wired up my replacement sony str db1080 and guess what............................................................ NO BUZZING:D

So even though I was 99% sure the amp was faulty this proves conclusively that my previous amp was definately faulty and yours probably are as well as my set up has not changed ! at all and no buzzing now with the replacement amp.

Dont know if its me but this new amp sounds even better than the previous one - just watched Diana Krall in Paris and really enjoyed it.

Just got to wait and see now for a week as my old one was fine for about 4 days before the buzzing started - fingers crossed.

Gall, please feel free to contact me if you have any trouble getting a replacement and I will be happy to convey my experience to the shop you purchased from.





Thanks for the replys i will contact Superfi about a replacement tommorrow.


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