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Hi guys

Not quite sure where to post this one.

I have a Toshiba LCD TV on my bedroom wall with a DVD player directly underneath, all plugs are behind the TV, the DVD and TV are connected together by Scart. I have had no problems for 12 months with no Freeview.

Today I purchased a Logik Freeview box, this now sits on the DVD player and is attached to the TV via scart, I have had to use a 2 plug extension lead which I have attached to the wall also behind the TV.

The problem I have now is a slight buzzing sound, not so noticeable when there is a lot of sound however when there is no sound and the screen changes I can hear it quite loud, not sure if it is me but when the screen is really bright, like mainly white or something then it is louder. The TV downstairs also on Freeview is fine and uses the same aerial.

This is driving me nuts as Ive spent a lot of money and time buying this stuff for it to sound crap, any ideas where to start?

Thanks for any advice



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THis may be interferrence down to the cabling. do you get this buzzing on all sources or just the Freeview?

Is it possible to situate the box closer to the TV without the extensions, temporarilly as a test to eliminate these form the equation.


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The noise is just with the Freeview.

I have changed the freeview box three times today and even opted for a different make the last time, from what I can now make out I think it is the scart lead as this is right next to the plugs (cannot be moved), the one provided in box 1 & 2 was really thin and the noise was quite loud, the one that has come with box 3 is slightly thicker and the noise is pretty much bearable, I think I will still change the lead again and I was looking at an IXOS one, any other recommendations?



COuld just be the freeview box itself. So many boxes and the cheaper the box the more risky.
I could be wrong as it could be interference. Try a better scart lead. Not those flat ones but a proper gold plated one.


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Please click on the link that I found for you. Look at the diagram.

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