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Buzzing/popping sound from speakers


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Right after Christmas, I bought a brand new 360 elite to replace my old 16 amp model. The manufacturing date was actually 10/2009 so I knew it was the falcon model. So i hooked it up to a LG 32 in LCD 720P tv via HDMI. Now everything works fine, except on occasion the sounds begin to make popping noises, and this happens whether im watching dvds, netflix or playing a game. In order to use my turtlebeach X31s, i took the plastic molding off of the component cables connection so I can use those with my HDMI cable without having to buy a 40 dollar MS kit for it. When I have those on, I never hear the popping noise. Right now I'm using a standard old GE brand HDMI cable I got last year for 20 bucks. I was wondering what would cause this "popping" noise on occasion. Is it the cable, the way I have it connected, or the connections themselves? Any help you can give is appreciated!

Dinky Dragon

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I dont think its the cable, HDMI dont carry electrical signal that can create this noise ya hearing. Are you sure its the cable? Its sounds to me that your homebrew cutting of the component didnt work out too well. Im almost certain the bizzing and popping you can hear is electricity!

Check your wall plugs ect to make sure they are not doing the same. And get some electrical tape over that cable to make it safe.

If it is your speakers Id just assume it was interference, try reorganising your equipment so it is not to close together.

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