Buzzing G20, like it or lump it?


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2 weeks ago I received a new Panny G20 (42") from John Lewis, and picture wise the TV is fantastic.

However, it has gradually developed a buzzing noise if the picture is bright, or if playing movies via HDMI.... Its got to the point for me that its annoying me, and effecting my viewing experience. I have not mentioned it to my other half (incase she could not hear it), however she had started to complain about it.

So what options do I have? To me its audible from about 15ft, so I think perhaps my set is worse than others? I can also hear a high pitched noise coming from the TV, and again its during bright pictures...

I really love the picture quality of the set, but honestly feel I cabot put up with the buzzing noise....
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Simply get it exchanged! you should not be able to hear the buzz above a fairly low TV volume & certainly not from 15 feet! this model seems very variable with some barely audible even with mute applied & other to varying degrees like yours.

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